Julianna Yee

Julianna Yee works primarily in printmaking and clay, taking her inspiration from nature.

 While in printmaking, images of flowers found in books become transformed as they are subjected to Julianna’s personal vision. The monoprint plates become almost sculptural as she builds of the layers of colour. Julianna has recently developed an interest in mixing her own colours.

 In clay, her preference is animal sculptures. As she is in all the other studios, Julianna is intensely focused as she creates the piece. All pieces are given a name, as in her wolf sculpture, “Mr. Worland”.


The Nina Haggerty
Centre for the Arts

9225 118 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB T5G 0K6

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Monday - Friday : 10am–2pm
Saturday : 1pm-3pm
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Studio Hours

Monday - Friday : 10am–2pm
Statutory Holidays: closed


(780) 474-7611  info@thenina.ca

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