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A commitment to creativity

Everyday, the studio at the Nina fills up with members of our collective painting, drawing, weaving, and throwing clay. It’s a place where artists with developmental disabilities learn to express themselves, and where they create interesting and valuable art.

We receive grants, we earn revenue from art sales, and each member of the collective pays a yearly membership fee, but it doesn’t cover all of the Nina’s expenses. We’ve got a mortgage, staff salaries, heat and water to pay for, not to mention art supplies—last year the Nina used 7500 pounds of clay!

The creativity of our artists is second to none, and we’re committed to keeping the collective going. Like many arts organizations, we rely on the generosity of our audience to continue: last year donations and fundraising made up 31% of our operating budget, and earned revenue accounts for another 20%. Truly, we couldn’t continue without you.

How can I help?

The Nina has a wide variety of needs, from art supplies all the way up to our mortgage. It means that no amount is insignificant—every donation, no matter the size, has meaning to us. We’ll put it to good use.