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on the road with Leona

by Wendy Hollo

Finally, the day had arrived!  September 22 – the road trip to Grande Prairie.  Van loaded, Rona Fraser, Leona Clawson and I were ready to embark on another Nina adventure.  Leona’s exhibition, Wooooodland, was being installed this day at 114 Place in Grande Prairie.  The advance team (Sue Seright, David Janzen, Cynthia Sentara and Sue Hopkins) had left the day before with… Read more »

just like my friend’s house…

by Frank Zotter

We received this beautiful letter from Frank Zotter today – an awesome guy, actor and busy community builder who brings so much life to the Ave. When I was young, I remember having a friend whose mother was “artistic.”  She would sculpt, paint and take photos.  She also instructed contemporary dance and was a keen patron of… Read more »

it started with a quilt

by Wendy Hollo

Inspired by the visual impact of driving through the Scottish highlands last year, Leona Clawson began a series of embroidered panels that she planned to use for her latest project, a hand sewn quilt.  Any concrete memories of the trip had already slipped away but the rivers, rocks and landscapes that she had so impressed her… Read more »

the Scotland experience is now on video

by Wendy Hollo

In March 2015, two artists from the Nina Collective and three Nina staff were able to travel to a disability arts summit hosted by Project Ability in Glasgow, Scotland.  Filmmaker Yvonne DuBourdieu travelled with them and has recently posted a 17-minute film that beautifully captures their experience. For three magical days, artists from ten international… Read more »