Scott Berry

Born in Paris, France in 1958, Scott has been making art since he was a teenager. Scott lived in group settings for many years, but today lives independently in his own suite.

As a regular at The Nina, Scott is fulfilling his dream of being an artist. Influenced by an uncle who is a painter, Scott always wanted to have a professional art career.

Scott works in a variety of materials with a focus on drawing, painting and making mannequins. In 2011 he fulfilled his dream of creating a replica of himself. He called this look-a-like Raymond, after Scott’s own middle name. He describes his drawings similar to, “doing a puzzle or like a game.” In a Dubuffetesque style, Scott likes to draw hidden objects within his works. Recent works are drawings of totems, inspired by how “the native Indians carved totems out of a tree.” Scott likes to use his art to do the talking about who he is and is adamant that he do things his way. Of The Nina, Scott says the best thing is that the center, “helps him spread out his wings and improve himself.”