Mark Traficante

Mark was born in Edmonton in 1980. He graduated from Austin O’Brien High School in 1999 and currently lives with roommates. He would like to have a job in security and enjoys activities like soccer, bowling, swimming, and listening to music. Mark has been making art for a long time. Since joining The Nina his favorite medium has changed from drawing with felt markers, to working with acrylic paint. His favorite subject matter includes police action pictures, images of security officers, female pop singers, family members, and “The Last Supper.” He likes the uniforms and cars of the police and security people and thinks they are cool.

Often Mark makes paintings about the things he sees on the news and reads about in the paper. Mark says he likes everything about art, “It gives you something to do. It’s cool and it’s fun.” Mark likes making art at The Nina because he can learn new things, make friends and maybe even find a girlfriend. Recently the Alberta Foundation for the Arts added two of Mark’s paintings to their permanent collection.