Dale Badger

I’m from Kehewin Cree Nation, between St. Paul and Bonnyville. Badger was my grandfather’s first name and when he died, my family took it for our last name. I’m doing art for my family. They laugh and like it at the same time.

I’ve been making art since school time, Sister Bertha taught me to make religious art when I was in school, she showed me how to part the waters for a picture I made about Moses. She showed us lots of pictures of religious scenes. I’m Cree and I also do Native art—that’s why I decided to come to the Centre—to do both kinds of art. At the centre they made t-shirts from my art. On one t-shirt, there’s different animal shapes and, on the other one, there’s an Indian stranded in the desert. For sure I want people to wonder what it’s like if they get stranded.

I keep a sketch book—draw something first, then put it on canvas if it’s good, then I paint. I like to play around with animal shapes. I am also making a cartoon movie; it’s about the angel Michael and Satan. In the movie they fight but at the end the angels beat the devil. I’m making the movie for kids so they can learn about good and evil.

Dale was recently visited by Nancy Tousley, Alberta-based writer, critic and curator the of the 2013 Alberta Art Biennial. In 2012, The Alberta Foundation for the Arts acquired his work for their collection.