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Express yourself as a member of the Nina’s collective

Why join?

It’s no exaggeration to say that creating art changes lives—we see it every day. If you are a person with a developmental disability—or someone who works with a person with a developmental disability—and you’re interested in joining our collective, we invite you to drop into our studios between 10 am and 2 pm any weekday. There’s no need to make an appointment unless you’re coming with a group of five or more.

When you drop by you’ll see all the possibilities the Nina offers its artists. If you want to stay and make art, or you want to come to the studio for a few weeks on a trial basis—with no cost or commitment—we invite you to do so. Don’t worry if you’ve never made art before or you’re unsure about your abilities, we value and celebrate the process of creating art, not just the outcome.

How to join

We ask that each member of our collective make a commitment to work in the studio at least one day each week. There is a nominal fee to join, which ranges from $175 to $350 annually, depending on how many days per week you want to come. The membership fee provides materials, studio space, mentorship by our team of professional artists and community volunteers and the chance to exhibit and even sell your art work.

When you pay your fees, it is important that you complete our membership package, telling us more about yourself, key contact information and what your goals are as a member of the collective. If you received funding from Alberta Disability Services (PDD), joining the collective will involve submitting an Individual Service Request. The Nina will take care of this for you.

To join, come to the studio for a tour or email for more information.