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meet Pedro [Picasso], Yvette and Aba

by Wendy Hollo

Every now and then, you read a story or see a film clip that totally captures your attention.  You forget, for just a moment, about everything else and you are in the moment, totally captivated and engaged.  This week, we are posting three such stories.  They are as diverse as their subjects but equally moving… Read more »

for life, cinnamon buns and snakes

by Wendy Hollo

We almost lost her.  We arrived at the Nina studios, the old space on 111 Avenue, and were told that one of our lead artists, Cynthia had been rushed to hospital with a stroke.  She was barely past 30 – how can that be?  It was a tumor on her heart and as soon as… Read more »

a life in three minutes

by Wendy Hollo

We tell stories in order to live.  Joan Didion  How could you live and have no story to tell?  A Dovstoevsky character On March 30th, over 70 people squished into the Stollery Gallery to see Brief & Bracing, digital stories from the Nina. We thank the Edmonton Community Foundation for its generous support of this… Read more »