Create. Connect. Change Lives.

"Great things happen when you give a person freedom of expression."

Every day we see an explosion of creativity and discovery in the studios. Something very profound happens when genuine voices find expression through art. Both artist and audience are forever changed.

When you walk into our studios for the first time, you see people with developmental disabilities. Take time to meet them and look at the art they are creating. Pretty soon, you'll just see amazing artists creating work that is as original and interesting as you will find anywhere.

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Meet An Artist

Ryan isn’t one to pick favourites; he likes to work in both clay and drawing, not limiting himself to any one medium.  His drawings incorporate many different media, including tempera paint, pencil crayons, markers and watercolour pencils.

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A new spirit of hope and optimism

img-2016-spring-CANWinter2015ProgramForFamilyArtNight NinaHaggertyTo fulfill its mandate to support community development in inner city communities, we offer Jubilee Auditoria Community Art Night (for adults) and Family Art Night (for adults accompanied by school aged children).  The classes are offered weekly, with classes running September through June. 

These programs answer the desire to renew inner city areas. The ultimate goal is to promote the development of grassroots initiatives, art festivals and events that will lead to the creation of a new arts district.  The Nina Haggerty Centre, located in the heart of the revitalization district, is ideally positioned to become an important anchor of this artistic community and the starting point for a new spirit of hope and optimism.

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Consider giving the gift of original art this holiday season, TELUS Edmonton Community Board Funds Family Art Night, THE NINAs - New Award Recognizes Nina Artists, Stantec Renews its Support for Artist of the Year and much more!

Gallery Location & Hours

NHCA Stollery Gallery Hours:
Monday-Friday: 10 am - 2 pm
Thursday: 4:30 pm - 8 pm
Saturday: 1 pm - 3 pm

Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts
9225 - 118 ave
Edmonton, AB
T5G 0K6
Phone: 780-474-7611

How to Get Started

img.nhca-art-director-paul-freeman-happy-artistAdults with developmental disabilities pay a low annual membership fee, based on the number of days they commit to the studio. In exchange, they receive art materials and equipment, a space to create their works of art, and the opportunity to exhibit and sell their original works of art.

In the studio, the artists are supported by a rotating team of professional, art-educated practicing artists who facilitate the art making experience through one-to-one mentorship, small group sessions and workshops.

Artists work at their own pace and are encouraged to find their own unique artistic voice. Visit the studio today!